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Builders and REALTORS® are interminably joined in our industry but command their own separate presence. The BRC has a long history of bringing together these two distinct groups to form lasting relationships of respect and co-operation through a membership based association whose members voluntarily follow an established ethical code.

The benefits of membership are clear!

  • Agents join BRC to increase their sales of new-construction homes and to ensure Builder cooperation and recognition in new home transactions
  • For Builders, BRC membership means access to qualified new-home buyers working with Agents.
  • Forming lasting relationships with knowledgeable REALTORS® can generate regular additional sales that improves the value the Builder brings to the residential marketplace.
  • Supporting Affiliate Vendors join the BRC to grow their business with Builders and Agents.

Whether you’re looking to build industry relationships, gain the attention of others or to “give back” to your industry, the Builder-Realty Council can help you reach your goals while helping you improve your business acumen.


The Builder-Realty Council of Denver seeks to strengthen the bonds of integrity and ethical business relationships between Home Builders, Licensed Real Estate Professionals and Supporting Affiliates. Members join the Council because of the opportunity to do business with the best professionals our industry offers.

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